Prevention of Radicalisation Network (PRaNet)

This international project entitled Prevention of Radicalization Network (PRaNet) entails the creation of a university network between the Italian University of Bergamo, leading by the consortium, and two universities from countries belonging to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Azerbaijan and Algeria. Starting from January 2019, CEEUS implements international project in cooperation with the University of Bergamo (Italy) and Université Mohamed Lamine Debaghine de Sétif 2 (Algeria).

The objective of the Project is to deepen knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon of radicalization, development of social inclusion and de-radicalization policies and to provide the improvement of integration, through post-university education activities and academic research. The project implementation period is 2019-2021 three-year period. The Project is funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research under of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ 2017/2020 under strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy “Strategy for the promotion abroad of the Italian higher education program”.

Within the project the following programs and activities to be undertaken:

- Scholarship to attend 2nd Level master Degree Program by providing financial support to allow 6 students from Azerbaijan to attend a yearlong Master programin Prevention and fight against radicalization, terrorism and for the integration policies and international security (MaRTe) at University of Bergamo, Italy. Web link to the program: ;

- Professionalization courses for national stakeholders on the issues related to terrorism, recruitment, radicalization, de-radicalization, education policies for radicalized people;

- Research activities and development of book;

More information about the project:

E-Conference Proceedings can be found at: 

Book release "Understanding Radicalisation, Terrorism and De-rasicalisation"

The present publication represents the main output in terms of international research of PRaNet (Prevention of Radicalization Network) project, funded by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

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