Center of Excellence in EU Studies (CEEUS) at ADA University is pleased to announce Call for Applications for Leadership Programme on Solving Global Challenges, Cambridge Winter Training School on 7-12 February 2020. The Leadership Programme in Solving Global Challenges Training School is an intensive winter training school for emerging young leaders. A select group of domestic and international participants will engage with research cultures, interdisciplinary research, and methodologies of research while considering the most current concerns globally. The Program is a unique opportunity to understand challenges facing the global economy, environment, and public health sectors, and to design and implement pathbreaking solutions.


The training school is designed to:

- provide a platform for researchers and students working on and in the region to exchange ideas and information on critical issues of global transformation processes;

- to engage key  stakeholders  throughout  the world  in  the  development  of  and participation  throughout  the  programme,  especially  those  most  engaged in  educational processes, research and renovation;

- to stimulate creative dialogue among scholars and students;

- to engage students in research world and show opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge;


Ranging from the head of United Nations to children’s movements around the globe are calling for decision makers to rely on science, to learn from science and gather more scientific evidence to deal with global challenges of Climate Change, Energy and Food Security, Migration and the New Industrial Revolution.  Ironically, the prevalence of technology has created a sort of disengagement with the underlying principles of how nature and society interact and how our planet actually functions.  This widening gulf is putting our prosperity, and even existence, at peril! If you want to be ahead of the game and be part of the solution, rather than a victim of these looming, seemingly insurmountable problems, regardless of your academic discipline, major, or career choice, come and attend the Global Challenges Programme this December in Cambridge, UK. World class scientists, experienced and young, will help you familiarise with the underlying and interconnected physical, sociological and economic processes behind upcoming technologies yet to be reported in newspapers and on internet blogs. An emphasis will be on understanding principal causes and possible solutions to address global challenges.


The COMPASS project will cover the following expenses of one selected participant from Azerbaijan to participate at the Leadership Programme:

  • visa fee;
  • travel (return flight ticket and train ticket);
  • accommodation (5 nights stay) and food;



Only ADA University master students, alumni and faculty/staff members are eligible to apply.


How to Apply:

By December 25, 2019 (midnight time) send the below mentioned documents to :


  • Personal statement (500 words) - why do you want to enroll for this programme?
  • Current or most recent transcript
  • CV