On November 23, 2020, a virtual closing conference of the PRaNet (Prevention of Radicalisation Network) Project has been conducted with participation of all project partners, beneficiaries of the project and experts. The Project, which has been implemented between January 2019-November 2020, was designed to contribute to deepen knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon of radicalization, development of social inclusion and de-radicalization policies and to provide for the improvement of integration, through post-university education activities and academic research.The Project partnership has been composed of the University of Bergamo (Italy), the Université Sétif 2 (Algeria) and ADA University (Azerbaijan).

In the framework of the PRaNet project:

The Closing Conference represented an opportunity for the Project partners, independent experts and beneficiaries to sum up the efforts, review the achievements of the Project and its impact, and provided an outlook for follow up activities.

PRaNet (Prevention of Radicalisation Network) is an international project conducted between in 2019-2020 in cooperation with the University of Bergamo (Italy) and Université Mohamed Lamine Debaghine de Sétif 2 (Algeria) aimed at increase of educational and training capacities, as well as development of research skills. The project was funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research under of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ 2017/2020 under strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy “Strategy for the promotion abroad of the Italian higher education program”.


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