On the last weekend of May, has been finalized the 8 weeks long Creating Enterprise: The Business Start-Up Journey Entrepreneurship Skills Course organized by ADA University in partnership with University of Kent Business School (UK) and funded by British Council within  Creative Spark: Higher Education Enterprise Programme.

The Course has brought together group of selected students with different background ranging from IT and Business studies to Arts and Cultural studies for an engaging journey within which have been enhanced their entrepreneurial competencies and skills and provided step-by-step guidance for a start-up project development. Even the implemented quarantine regime did not stop the flow of the course and thanks to both participants and instructors, the course has moved to an online learning platform.

On May 30, a (an online) pitching competition has been conducted and the winning three teams selected, and awarded with seed funding!

Winning projects and teams:

1st place: Study Fun

Team: Maryam Hasanova, ADA University, and Laman Hamidova, Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts

About project: An app where people can monitor their productivity for a certain time. One can study various subjects both by himself and with friends or even with different people from all over the world, who are studying the same subject.

2nd place: SPARK

Team: Susan Hasanova, ADA University

About project: Website for companies, like all companies have data about their departments and their staff, all the promotions, trainings, etc. The idea is to facilitate the hiring process for company and the process of exploring job for unemployed people.

3rd place: ArExpr

Team: Jigme Tashi Namgyal, ADA University, Lawrence Joshua Flomo, ADA University and Elbey Mirgasimov, Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts

About project: A learning app that turns learning into a game, with achievements, colourful characters, and AR.

Additionally, we express our gratitude to all students who have passed with us this engaging and challenging journey but have managed to stay motivated till the end. Special gratitude to instructors Turan Nagiyeva and Emin Alasgarov, University of Kent ASPIRE Center and Rebecca Smith, and all mentors and guest speakers that have generously shared their valuable knowledge and skills with students.