On February 29, 2020 has been launched Creating Enterprise: Business Startup Journey Entrepreneurship Skills Course. The Course will last for 8 weeks and has brought students of ADA University and Azerbaijan University of Culture and Arts. It is considered to serve as a unique platform that brings together students with different but complimentary backgrounds: IT and computer science, management and business, arts and cultural study. 

During the course period students will enhance their competencies and skills required to be a successful entrepreneur and step-by-step guided to develop a startup project. By the end of the course a pitching competition will be conducted and the winning three teams will be awarded with seed funding!

The course is taught by ADA University faculty members Turan Nagiyeva (Business School) and Emin Alasgarov (School of Information Technologies and Engineering) and University of Kent Business School (KBS) ASPIRE start-up center based on ASPIRE Center's Business Start-Up Journey training program run by (KBS) and designed to help students create and run businesses.


More information about Creating Enterprise: Business Start Up Journey Project:

Study Visit to University of Kent Business School ASPIRE Center

On 15-16 December, 2019 ADA University faculty and CEEUS Staff members have undertaken a study visit to Canterbury, UK.