This project is conducted within British Council’s Creative Spark Partnership Fund’s Creative Spark: Higher Education Enterprise Programme. This is a five-year initiative to support international university and institutional partnerships to develop enterprise skills and creative economy across seven countries in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan), South Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia) and Ukraine through UK support. The programme has been developed in response to an underdeveloped creative sector and a demand for entrepreneurship training in the programme countries, supporting wealth and job creation. 

Consortium of this international project is built by:

University of Kent, UK

ADA University, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts, Azerbaijan

The project implementation started from September 2019.

The purpose of the project is to:

  • expand and foster enterprise knowledge and practice exchange between UK and Azerbaijani HEIs;
  • improve entrepreneurial literacy among students and creative entrepreneurs of ASUCA and ADA;
  • develop strong relations between ASPIRE and ADA Innovation Center;
  • help raise profile and build capacity of ADA Innovation Center;
  • develop creative start-up projects.

As a result of this collaboration the project and the resulting platform will seek to improve the low rate of entrepreneurial education among Azerbaijani students studying in creative fields. 

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