1st Advanced Regional Energy Security Symposium

16-20 July 2018 | Baku, Azerbaijan

This one-week academic program addresses geopolitical and economic significance of energy security in the modern world, possible threats, risks and probabilities, the steps to be taken to address them, and the basics of establishing energy security policies. Around 40 representatives of government, non-governmental and business structures responsible for energy issues from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey have participated at the program. The Symposium has been organized by ADA University, Naval Postgraduate School, NATO Energy Security Research Center. Speakers and lecturers of the Symposium included representatives of the US Navy High School, US Corctaun University researchers, NATO Energy Security Research Center representatives, Energy Minister Parviz Shahbazov, SOCAR and BP senior officials that have shared their views on the current situation in the energy security area.

Brenda Shaffer, a lecturer at Georgetown University, said that Azerbaijan plays an important role in Europe's energy security: "Everyone is well aware of Azerbaijan's growing economy and political power as it is a strong state in the field of oil and gas resources." There are rising energy infrastructure and rising targets in Azerbaijan at present However, energy sources only have positive benefits in preventing threats from terrorists, cyber attacks, as well as threats to infrastructures in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, which will be discussed within the framework of the symposium to prevent the negative impact of the threats on the infrastructure of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. We will also look for ways to make the energy more and more useful. "