We are happy to announce the start of the registration for the Anniversary 5th ADA EU Summer Camp that will become a summer highlight for participants!  


This year the Summer Camp program will last not 4 but 6 weeks during which participants will get unique opportunity to expand their outlook and knowledge in various areas, to develop creative and analytical thinking, improve communication and decision making skills through educational and entertaining activities. Also, participants will be able to demonstrate their talents and make new friendships in a friendly and intellectually engaging environment.

  • All courses are conducted in English
  • Participants can sign up for one or more weeks relevant to their age group   
  • Programme fee covers teaching materials, transportation, tours and outings, promo materials, tea breaks and lunches
  • Every week will have a maximum of 35 participants
  • Participants will receive certificates at the end of each week

Division of the weeks by age categories:

Age group: 11-15



Tourism & Arts

29 June–3 July


6-10 July

IT & Programming

13-17 July

Environment & Climate Change

20-24 July

Age group: 9-10




Tourism & Arts

27-31 July

IT & Programming

3-7 August


  1. Fill the Application Form (scroll this page down);
  2. Select what week(s) participant wants to attend. No application changes will be accepted after the deadline;
  3. During three working days after the application has been filled, you will be contacted by our office for confirmation of your registration and participation;
  4. You will sign a contract with ADA University on participation of your children at the Camp. Signing up for additional week(s) after signing the contract and beginning of the Camp is not possible;
  5. Within 10 days after signing the contract you will need to make a payment and share online payment confirmation/or scanned payment receipt with us at ceeus@ada.edu.az;
  6. We reserve a right to test knowledge of English language of a participant before signing the contract.


Early bird registration period: 02 March – 05 April 2020

Early bird fee for one week costs 400 AZN with the following exemptions:

  • Applicant registered for two and more weeks – 350 AZN
  • More than one applicant is applying from the same family for duration of longer than 1 week - 300 AZN for each applicant for a week
  • ADA Staff and Faculty members - 300 AZN
  • Employees of companies of ADA Foundation Partners - 350 AZN
  • Children of ADA University Alumnus – 350 AZN


Late bird regular registration period: 05 April – 20 May 2020

Late bird regular fee for one week costs 400 AZN with no exemptions.

Registration will be closed on 20 May 2020, 18.00


The payment shall be done by a person signing the contract. Name of the participant must be noted in the contract. The tuition fee is not refundable for selected candidates meaning that upon the beginning of the Camp, the participants that do not attend it will not get their tuition fee back.


For more information, contact us at: ceeus@ada.edu.az


Application Form


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I certify that the information I have provided in the application is complete and accurate and that the content of my application essay is my sole and original work. In case of withdrawal, the candidate will not be reimbursed for tuition fees already paid. My acceptance of this certification indicates that all the information contained in my application is complete, factually correct, and honestly presented.

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