4th Early Career Researchers Training School

"Eurasia in transition: Geopolitics and Security"

14-18 February, 2022

We are delighted to announce a Call for Applications to the 4th International Training School for Early Career Researchers (ECR TS) under the aegis of the Jean Monnet Chairmanship. The TS is scheduled for 14-18 February 2022 and is organized and hosted by ADA University’s Centre of Excellence in EU Studies and JM Chair Dr. Anar Valiyev. The ECR TS is tailored to offer an opportunity for research development, training, exchange of ideas and network-building for PhD and postdoctoral students working in the field of security.

This year the Training School’s theme focuses on “Eurasia in transition: Geopolitics and Security”. The ECR TS reviews geopolitics and security phenomenon from broader approaches considering the political and socioeconomic transformations, interests of great powers and interaction between themselves and with the states in the central Eurasian region since the collapse of Soviet Union and its implications for international relations.


The aim of the TS is to promote wider understanding of the changes in the key part of the Eurasian region, by exploring social, economic, political dynamics with the focus on security and geopolitical evolutions in the region. 

The TS 2021 aims to engage PhD researchers, postdoctoral students, and practitioners from different research streams. Topics may be wide-ranging, covering all aspects of security and geopolitical processes such as economics, international affairs, peace studies, conflict resolution and social development etc. 

The approach of the TS is interdisciplinary, meaning that we welcome participation from the political sciences, social sciences, the humanities, and law. Papers may focus exclusively on security, conflicts, international relations, peacebuilding, political and social processes, pressing global challenges including COVID-19, ecology and climate change, economy, and national responses to current and emerging challenges in the region. Comparative approaches are also welcomed.

Background: The Eurasian landmass has become a key region at the intersection of shifting regional security and economic interests of great powers with its big energy and connectivity projects. Various leading international actors are increasingly engaged with security issues in the region and seeking to deepen relations with the countries of Eurasia, including Russia, the United States, the European Union, China, Turkey, and Iran.

The ways these countries engage with one another and with outside powers, including Russia, the US, Turkey, EU and China, impacts the larger political and economic contours of the central Eurasian region in important ways. Also, internal socioeconomic and political transformations within individual countries have their own implications and consequences for peace and stability in the region and international order. Thus, this TS will seek to understand current geopolitical processes, factors, crisis, conflicts, and challenges related to any aspect of the security in the region.

The ECR TS will be conducted in a blended format including presentation and discussion of papers submitted by the participating students, skill workshops and lectures in face to face and online. Papers will be grouped into a series of panels with 3-4 presentations in each. Panels will be chaired by senior scholars, and appointed discussants will lead discussions to ensure that all participants get valuable feedback on their contribution. Best papers will be published online as part of the ECR TS report.

In order to apply, please fill in the Application form following the link https://forms.gle/ZiBuECfN9JnDL5Ar6 no later than December 16, 2021.

Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by early January 2022. To guarantee a place, participants should submit their papers (5,000 words max) by 4 February 2022.

This international training school is sponsored by the JM Chair position in EU studies.