The Center of Excellence in EU Studies (CEEUS) had been established in ADA University in January 2014 as part of the agreement between the European Commission and the Government of Azerbaijan to support civil service training in the country with a focus on EU affairs. From the very first day its activities directed at increasing the knowledge on EU matters among relevant actors and facilitating the relations between EU and Azerbaijan.




The CEEUS is an integral part of the ADA University. It serves as a focal point specified for promotion of studies about the European Union (EU) in Azerbaijani higher education. Besides its academic targets the Center also aims to increase general awareness on EU matters among the Azerbaijani population. The Center delivers educational and training programs, outreach activities and support to academic research on EU Policy and EU-Azerbaijan cooperation. In addition, the Center organizes client tailored training and teaching programs and other EU-related outreach activities to the general public and partners in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Scope of activities

The CEEUS mainly operating through:

  • Collaborating with all ADA University Schools and units, European Universities, think-tanks and other external partners to create external funding opportunities to support European-focused international activities for the benefit of the University community;
  • Supporting European focused interdisciplinary initiatives that create new opportunities for strengthening training, teaching and research;
  • Promoting a better knowledge and understanding among the wider community of the EU policies in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries and in general;
  • Developing and implementing EU-related, customized trainings and educational programs for civil servants, private sector representatives and young generation;